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Screenshot of Batty


(Hit Pak, 1987)

It's another Breakout clone, and it's certainly not the best of the bunch. While the graphics are reasonable, there are next to no sound effects. What really annoyed me, however, was the size of the bat; it's too small, and it moves rather slowly so that you can't reach the ball in time. Each level also has an alien that fires large bullets which always seem to get in your way. All of this makes clearing the first wall a tough task – and why are there so many bricks that require more than one hit to clear?

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Screenshot of BB4CPC


(CNGSoft, 2011)

Reviewed by Missas

Bub and Bob return to the CPC after 24 years! CNGSoft delivers this great remake of a rather average coin-op conversion from 1987. To begin with, forget what you remember about the previous conversion. BB4CPC delivers vastly improved graphics (better colours and level design), the arcade music, and most importantly, coin-op perfect gameplay. This means that the gameplay and grab factor are now very high and that the disadvantages of the previous version (bad collision detection, drab colours and very few sound effects) are no longer present. Retro lovers should love BB4CPC and will certainly have a great time with it!

See also: Bubble Bobble.

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Screenshot of Beach Buggy Simulator

Beach Buggy Simulator

(Silverbird, 1988)

You've just bought a new beach buggy, so what better way to test it than to participate in the Dune Trials and race along a series of tracks, jumping over boulders and shooting down any helicopters flying overhead? This is certainly not your average race course! As with most racing games, you must reach the chequered flag within the time limit. Your fuel supply is limited, and it'll run out quickly if you crash too often. Fortunately, more fuel can be collected along the course, and thankfully the buggy is indestructible – it must be a great buggy! The graphics are colourful and a nice tune plays throughout, although there are no sound effects. It's a really easy game to get into, and the difficulty level is set perfectly.

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Screenshot of Beach Head

Beach Head

(US Gold, 1985)

A dictator has control of the fortress on the island of Kuhn-Lin, and your mission is to storm the island and recapture it – but you'll have to battle with the enemy forces first! The first stage of the game is a sea invasion where you sink the enemy's aircraft and ships, although there's a secret passageway you may take to surprise them. Once you've blown them away, you can land on the beach and make your way to Kuhn-Lin by tank. When you reach the fortress, you have to aim your gun at several targets before the turret lays waste to your tank. This is one of those games that was once good, but which has since dated; it doesn't have much appeal any more.

See also: Beach Head II.

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Screenshot of Beach Head II

Beach Head II

(US Gold, 1986)

The dictator is back! It's a war between the allies, led by J. P. Stryker, and the dictator's armies. There are four stages to the game in which you must first parachute them into the enemy fortress and reach the turret. Your can then control the turret and use it to shoot tanks and jeeps as the enemy attempt to stop you. When you've got your remaining men into the helicopter, you have to go on an obstacle course, dodging gunfire and other obstacles, before the final confrontation with the dictator himself. The game isn't as good as its predecessor, despite the fact that you can control either the allies or the dictator, and the graphics are awful.

See also: Beach Head.

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Screenshot of Bedlam


(Go!, 1988)

You are a cadet in the Stellar Imperium's pilot academy, and as your final test, you must fly an X12 Fighter craft across sixteen sectors to prove your status as an elite pilot. It's just as well that this is only a simulation machine and not a real X12. Actually, this is yet another vertically scrolling space shoot-'em-up with nothing new in it at all. The graphics are quite good, but there's no music and few sound effects. The stages are quite short, but if your spacecraft is destroyed, you have to start at the beginning of the stage, and another problem is that there are no power-ups which enhance your firepower.

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Screenshot of Behind Closed Doors Seven

Behind Closed Doors Seven

(Zenobi Software, 2018)

The Balrog needs to go to the toilet, so he walks to the bottom of his garden – but the wooden hut that used to be his 'smallest-room' is no longer there! In its place is a deep, dark hole. What is he going to do now? The first three games in the Behind Closed Doors series of text adventures were originally released for the ZX Spectrum and are interesting because they all take place in a single location – the hut. The seventh game, which is the first one in the series to be released for the CPC, increases this to two locations. It's not surprising to learn that the solution is very short, but the variety and humour of the many messages that appear as a result of looking up, down and around you, and examining and searching objects, makes it very entertaining to play while it lasts; just make sure you examine and search everything.

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Screenshot of The Bells

The Bells

(Blaby Computer Games, 1986)

The evil archbishop has kidnapped Quasimodo's girlfriend Esmeralda, and Quasimodo has to negotiate the hazards strewn about the tower, including arrows, rocks, barrels and chasms. On each screen he has to reach the bell and ring it before his time runs out, or he'll be struck by lightning. As soon as you look at this game, you know that it's going to be awful. The graphics and sound are rubbish and the overall presentation makes it look like it was written in BASIC (and it mostly is!). It's also quite tough, and you need more than three lives.

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Screenshot of Berks III

Berks III

(The Power House, 1987)

You have entered the City of the Berks, and they're out to stop you grabbing their treasure! You must manoeuvre your way through the city and collect all the keys so that you can gain access to the treasure. Each screen is teeming with Berks which home in on you, and you must avoid all contact with them. Most Berks can be shot, but some of them (which are circular in shape) can only be stunned temporarily. This game is a simple variant of Robotron: 2084. The graphics are colourful but basic, and the sound effects are limited to shots and explosions. However, the gameplay is quite frantic, although the random placement of Berks each time you enter a screen means that you can lose one or more lives instantly, particularly on higher difficulty levels.

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Screenshot of Bestial Warrior

Bestial Warrior

(Dinamic, 1989)

Reviewed by Pug

You are a mercenary aiming to obtain the three parts of the C70-Magnum – a very powerful weapon indeed. Searching for this weapon involves surviving the great fortress that is Sagar. It's full of traps and enemies. A well drawn loading screen is the precursor to a Mode 0 menu system which leads to the game itself. The playing area is small but colourful and smooth. It reminded me of Gryzor to some degree. The baddies spawn endlessly in this flip-screen game, making progress very difficult indeed. Even the power-ups don't last long before you're dead again. Not one of Dinamic's greatest efforts.

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