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Screenshot of Power Boat Simulator

Power Boat Simulator

(Code Masters, 1989)

Race a catamaran or a speedboat along five levels of action, dodging other speedboats, watching out for mines, and trying not to crash into the scenery! Your boat uses a lot of fuel, so you'll need to collect extra fuel regularly. You can also collect mines which you can use to blow up other boats, although it's not necessary to do this at all in order to complete the course; it merely allows you to obtain a few extra points. The first course is very easy indeed and is a simple introduction to the game, but it becomes a bit harder from the second level onwards. There's also a 'night level' in which you can only see part of the course at any one time. The graphics are very good indeed, although there's no music. Overall, though, this is a great little game.

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Screenshot of Power Drift

Power Drift

(Activision, 1989)

Reviewed by Chris Lennard

Choose from twelve wacky drivers, and rev through some stomach-churning circuits. Watch the dust fly and the wheels spin as you screech over a rollercoaster track and wave goodbye to your opponents. Roar over mounds of mud, drive through the desert, slip and slide on snow-covered tarmac and race your way through the night to face the final lap and take the chequered flag. Your choice of driver affects your sprite's look and a nice display shows your position by shifting the characters' portraits. It possesses nice, colourful sprites, pretty backgrounds, and some detailed scrolling landscapes and competent gameplay to boot; the tracks become exponentially trickier while you dodge your opponents. A better conversion than Sega's more famous Out Run.

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Screenshot of Powerplay: The Game of the Gods

This is a mixture of a board game and a quiz game for between two and four players; unfortunately, the computer can't control any of them. Each player has four men, and they move them around the board and answer questions; which category depends on the colours of the tiles. If a man can answer enough questions correctly, he mutates into a monster and becomes more powerful, which is useful when you move on to the same tile as an opponent and challenge him. If you succeed, your opponent will lose some of his power, or disappear altogether! The aim is to eliminate all four of your opponent's men. The graphics are absolutely wonderful, although a game can go on for a really long time. There are four banks of questions, and you can also create your own if you wish. (The answer to the question in the screenshot is "November", by the way.)

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Screenshot of Predator


(Activision, 1988)

Reviewed by Chris Lennard

Cash-in from the highly tongue-in-cheek Schwarzenegger action film. Guide our musclebound hero Arnie through the American tropical jungle, shooting the never-ending number of guerrillas, while avoiding getting killed by the Predator alien that has its sights firmly set upon you. Sadly the game isn't as half as amusing as the film itself and if anything is particularly tedious; as a rule of thumb, almost any Schwarzenegger film conversions (barring Terminator 2 perhaps) are well worth avoiding.

See also: Predator 2.

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Screenshot of Predator 2

Predator 2

(Image Works, 1991)

The Predator is back, and this time he's come to Los Angeles, where there is a battle between rival drugs gangs. Out to get all of them is Lieutenant Mike Harrigan, which you control in this dull shoot-'em-up. As the screen scrolls horizontally (and very slowly), you must aim your crosshairs and shoot all of the gunmen before they fire on you and drain your energy. The gunmen leave behind ammunition which you will need to pick up, as you will use a huge amount of it during the game! You can also collect better guns and energy packs, but avoid shooting the Predator and any innocent bystanders. The slow scrolling is the main reason why the game is poor, but the graphics are messy, and the sound effects are both minimal and awful.

See also: Predator.

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Screenshot of Prehistorik


(Titus, 1991)

The Zoglor tribe has run out of food, so armed with a wooden club, Prehistorik the caveman must travel through forests, mountains, jungles and even venture inside a volcano in his search for food. Along the way, there are many different monsters who can be beaten up and killed. You can also enter caves, where you may find more supplies for the tribe. If you don't obtain enough food at the end of each level, you must start the level all over again, so watch out! The first thing you notice about this game is the graphics – they are definitely some of the best that I have ever seen on the CPC. However, the music becomes annoying after a while, but thankfully it can be turned off. Unfortunately the game slows down a lot when there are monsters on the screen; if this didn't happen, I would rate the game a lot higher.

See also: Prehistorik 2.

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Screenshot of Prehistorik 2

Screenshot taken from Plus version of game

Prehistorik 2

(Titus, 1993)

One of the last commercial games to be released for the CPC and also one of the best. You control a caveman looking for food, and among the many monsters you'll face are bears, spiders, wasps, dinosaurs, and a huge ape halfway through the game. There are also lots of bonuses to collect. What makes this game stand out from other platform games is the graphics, which are truly awesome, especially on the Plus version, which features extra colours and parallax scrolling. The music is also terrific, and it's the only commercial game I know of that exploits the Plus' enhanced DMA sound facilities. Thankfully, the gameplay on the normal CPC version doesn't suffer, and it's a hugely enjoyable game to play.

See also: Prehistorik.

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Screenshot of A Prelude to Chaos

A Prelude to Chaos

(EgoTrip, 2016)

Reviewed by Missas

A Prelude to Chaos is directly inspired by the Zelda series on the NES console. In this fantastic role-playing game, you need to guide Amy through 70 screens and help her collect crystals and open doors as well as gaining experience and routing ferocious enemies! The graphics are in Mode 1 with four colours and they are quite detailed. The sprites move fast and smoothly. There is a fantastic tune playing on the menu and during the game there are some effects, but they are nothing special. In terms of gameplay this game excels; there are many interesting puzzles to solve, the difficulty is correctly set and you won't get bored of exploring. Overall, a fantastic and interesting game. Oh, there is more good news: at the end, we are promised that Amy's adventures will continue...

See also: Chaos Rising, Concave, Ice Slider, Jewel Warehouse, Potato Rescue.

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Screenshot of Prince Dastan: Sokoban Within

Prince Dastan: Sokoban Within

(Euphoria Design, 2020)

Prince Dastan is being held prisoner in the Grand Vizier's dungeons. Can he rescue the Sultan's beautiful daughter before it's too late? If you're familiar with Prince of Persia, you'll recognise this background story. This game finished in eighth place in the 2020 #CPCRetroDev Game Creation Contest, which awarded bonus points for including a reference to Prince of Persia. If you haven't guessed already from the title, it's a clone of the famous puzzle game Sokoban, in which you push crates around rooms and work out how to place them in their correct positions. There are 179 levels to complete, and it will take a lot of thought to solve them all. The presentation is of a very high standard, although the controls feel quite clunky when you're moving your character around, which mars the gameplay a bit.

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Screenshot of Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia

(Brøderbund/Domark, 1990)

The Grand Vizier has captured the Sultan's daughter and has given her an ultimatum; either marry him, or die! You have one hour in which to get out of the dungeons and rescue her from her cell before the Grand Vizier kills her. Each level sees you fighting guardians and finding the way out, and there are potions to be drunk, too. This was also one of the first games to feature real animation, where the characters really do move properly, and the number of actions you can perform are astonishing. The graphics are incredible, especially the intro sequence, and really, the only bad thing about this game is the awful 'music', which thankfully isn't present in the main game.

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